Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind with a Jaguar

Today we saw this female Jaguar (Panthera onca palustris, onça-pintada) right after she had killed a big feral pig (Sus scrofa, porco monteiro). When she saw us at a distance of about 150 m, she slowly moved into the forest ... My plan was to walk around the forest and see if she had left towards the other side. As there were no tracks anywhere my conclusion was that she had stayed at the first place. Sneaking quietly to the kill she had made I heard a little noise in the forest. We immediately layed down hiding in the tall grass. And there she was, we could see her head, beautiful and huge (indians also call the Jaguar Acanguçu = big head). She had forgotten us and came out of the forest, going slowly back to her kill. The distance between us was of only 15 meters and that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, since we were almost lying on the ground and now she had direct eye contact with us. Our cameras were just clicking all that they could ! Although she noticed that we were not a big threat to her, she still moved back into the forest.
We always considered Jaguars to live close to the river, but this one was about 5 Km away from it, which is great news !
Looking carefuly at some of the pictures I can clearly see her bigger nipples, probably full of milk. She must have an offspring, which would be even better news.

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