XL mating season

Last week, together with Olivier Gruenewald and Miguel Rico, I spotted this magnificent jaguar (Panthera onca, onça pintada). As we came out of the forest she had spotted us already but decided to sit down, lick her back and watch us for around 4 minutes before she gently walked away ...Since then we have seen her tracks almost daily, found two  half-eaten preys and heard her roaring close to the lodge about 2 days ago. By the way this is Barbie, a jaguar female we have seen several times (see previous post further down the list).Today we went a step further exploring the grounds across the river on Santa Tomazia. There some extensive lakes and vazantes are just drying out so that you can walk without drowning between caymans !  There we found jaguar tracks right away, fresh after the last rain. As we were hiking we heard southern screamers (Chauna torquata) and chachalacas (Ortalis canicollis, arancuã-do-Pantanal) screaming, capybaras (Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris) calling alarm. Then suddenly I noticed a sound similar to a "motorbike" accelerating several times. And finally there she was again ! In the diffuse light of a late afternoon and a wonderful full moon coming out magically we spotted her… together with her lover ! Two jaguars mating, 100 meters from us ! We were as excited as they probably were ! In the moonlight we could see her white belly as she rolled over the ground. We watched them for some minutes and as he disappeared we saw her walking at the border of the lake towards our truck.Quietly we went to the car and sat there in absolute silence as we heard the couple bellowing in the thick bush. I started to call them with loud and characteristic vocalizations made solely with my voice. After 5 minutes she came out of the bush 25 meters from us and I lit up the search light on her. There she was again for 10 seconds in full splendour ... What a brilliant sighting !!!